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Welcome to Neuro RehabCare of Waterloo, where we are focused on providing an atmosphere of luxury while residents are healing from neurological injury. Neuro RehabCare of Waterloo is specifically designed to address the complex needs of the brain and spinal cord injured individual in a custom, comfortable and residential facility.

Residents are provided with a warm and inviting setting intended to support the recovery process. There are several bright and cheerful common areas, an up to date therapy /activity room with state of the art equipment, and all private patient suites include private bathrooms for convenience and privacy.

At NRC of Waterloo, our team of experts work to help our residents maximize their skills, independence and quality of life. Our outcome-driven rehabilitation and support services are designed to address their health, vocational, educational and physical needs. We are passionate about helping each person reach their maximum level of independence and producing real and lasting results.


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Neuro RehabCare
35 Rachel Street
Waterloo, IA 50701

Phone 844.372.9800

Sharon Noe
Program Director
Email [email protected]

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Our Mission

We believe in a life exceptionally supported by experts in the field of Brain and Spinal cord injury who are committed to your ability to achieve your individual Goals and Dreams.
We provide the care needed for optimal health mentally and physically for those affected by brain and spinal cord injury.

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